Provincial museum of rural life "Diogene Penzi"

The Provincial Museum of Peasant Life "Diogene Penzi" is a museum of ethnographical interest. Its main seat in the Altan Palace in San Vito al Tagliamento and it has external sections in Maniago and Cavasso Nuovo.

It is a network of museums spread out in the territory that highlights various themes of the peasant life and the history of our recent past.

The museum section of Cavasso Nuovo is dedicated to the phenomenon of Friulian emigration and to certain aspects of Friulian work both in Italy and abroad.
It is managed by the Province of Pordenone through an agreement with the Municipality of Cavasso Nuovo and occupies the entire second floor of the prestigious palace of the Polcenigo-Fanna Earls, the Palazàt.

The exhibition is divided into twelve themes that, together, outline the entire migratory experience. The history of Friulian emigration and the life of emigrants is presented to the visitors through the fundamental use of images.

At this time the museum contains one thousand documents including letters, passports, call notices for abroad, photographs, diaries, manifests, documents of communities abroad and work tools.

It is not only a mere collection of objects. Instead, it is a center of documentation that, with its conservation, accompanies the study and research of all aspects – social, political, economic and linguistic – of the migratory flows to and from Friuli.

In this context it is the regional point of referral for all that regards the emigration theme and it has recently been inserted as a pilot project for the AMMER (Archivio Multimediale dell’Emigrazione Regionale – Multimedia Archive of Regional Emigration) program.